NEW: Read our 5-Step Relationship Charter to foster DE&I at the client/law firm interface

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GCD&I Disability Allyship Toolkit: How to be a Better Ally

A toolkit developed by the GCD&I Disability Community which includes practical tips as to how to be a better Ally to people with disabilities in the legal profession.


GCD&I Relationship Charter

A 5-Step Relationship Charter that Signatories and law firms can agree on at the start of a working relationship to commit to and foster DE&I in their day-to-day conduct


GCD&I Nudge Cards: Engagement with Law Firms

Nudge Cards to support Signatories in their engagement with law firms across all areas of D&I. There are three cards which capture: 5 Principles for General Counsel engagement with law firms; 5 questions to ask Leaders & Partners; and 5 questions to ask D&I Functions.


GCD&I: Metrics Pack July 2022

A Pack from the GCD&I KPIs and Metrics Taskforce which includes a set of standardised questions that Signatories can use to generate data from their law firms about D&I performance, and use as a basis for more meaningful conversations about D&I.


GCD&I Metrics Template Excel Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is intended to provide a tool to gather the data requested using General Counsel for Diversity & Inclusion Metrics and should be read with the Metrics Pack and Guidance.


GCD&I In-House Step # Step 5: Promoting Work-Life Integration, Flexibility and Wellbeing (January 2023)

In the GCD&I Framework Materials our In-House Sub Group identified 10 Practical Steps to achieve D&I In-House. This material expands on Practical Step 5 which states: “Promote work-life integration, flexibility and wellbeing. Advocate flexible working and provide technological support for mobility, disabilities and flexible working. Encourage people to bring their full self to work and permit flexibility in personal style and appearance. Consider committing to the Mindful Business Charter”.