NEW: Read our 5-step relationship charter to foster DE&I at the client/law firm interface

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GCD&I Relationship Charter

A 5-Step Relationship Charter that Signatories and law firms can agree on at the start of a working relationship to commit to and foster DE&I in their day-to-day conduct


GCD&I Nudge Cards

Nudge Cards to support Signatories in their engagement with law firms across all areas of D&I. There are three cards which capture: 5 Principles for General Counsel engagement with law firms; 5 questions to ask Leaders & Partners; and 5 questions to ask D&I Functions.


GCD&I: Metrics Pack July 2022

A Pack from the GCD&I KPIs and Metrics Taskforce which includes a set of standardised questions that Signatories can use to generate data from their law firms about D&I performance, and use as a basis for more meaningful conversations about D&I.


GCD&I Metrics Template Excel Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is intended to provide a tool to gather the data requested using General Counsel for Diversity & Inclusion Metrics and should be read with the Metrics Pack and Guidance.


GCD&I KPIs and Metrics (September 2020)

The proposed KPIs and Metrics included in the Framework Materials have been updated, and include new guidance, following feedback from in-house signatories and law firms. An updated version of the KPIs and Metrics will be published late 2021/early 2022. (Published September 2020).


D&I In-House Step#2: Be an accountable inclusive leader

In the Framework Materials our In-House Sub Group identified 10 Practical Steps to achieve In-House D&I. This material expands on Practical Step 2: “Hold your leadership accountable for implementing D&I vision and strategy and combines a review of external materials along with insights based on their own experience and knowledge”. (Published December 2020).