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Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion: external resources

A selection of external sources highlighting the business case for Diversity & Inclusion to accompany the “Business case for D&I in law firms and in-house legal teams” in the Framework Materials (Published November 2020).


GCD&I Framework Materials (April 2020)

An initial selection of papers created by the GCD&I teams with the intent of offering guidance and support including: What we mean by D&I; Proposed Metrics and KPIs; Practical Steps for Engaging Law Firms; Practical Steps for D&I within In-House Teams; and Guiding Principles for Engagement Agreements.

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GCD&I Roundtable Note of Key Themes

Briefing for attendees of the key themes emerging from our discussion at the “Accelerating Change” Event held on 24 February, 2020.

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GCD&I In House Survey Results

Results of a survey of signatory legal teams, assessing the current state of D&I at signatories against global benchmarks and highlighting strengths to build upon and areas for development for improving D&I.

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GCD&I Report from Acritas Pilot research

Results of a survey of D&I experts in major legal firms, to understand their perspective on how clients can support firms’ own D&I efforts, and gather thoughts on which initiatives are most effective and which more challenging to use as a measure of progress.

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Thomson Reuters interview

Thomson Reuters interview Ritva Sotamaa, Richard Price and Rosemary Martin.