Meet the GCD&I Social Mobility Community:  What does Social Mobility Means to Us?

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GCD&I Working Group

Our mission is to develop tools, content and materials to challenge and cement the role of DE&I in the in-house legal team and move the needle in terms of how Signatories engage with law firms in ways that promote greater DE&I across the legal profession.

Meet the Team

GCD&I Spotlight Session: Mentoring for Junior Lawyers Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways from one of a series of Virtual Sessions which aim to provide Signatories, and the wider GCD&I Community, with an opportunity to share practical insights, experiences, and challenges with a view to driving greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across the legal profession.


Diversity & Inclusion in In-House Teams: Ten Practical Steps

In the Framework Materials launched in April 2020 our Working Group identified 10 Practical Steps to achieve D&I In-House.  Since then Agile Teams drawn from across the Working Group, have expanded on the Practical Steps.


Practical Steps to Achieve DE&I In-House: Measuring Success – Tips and Tricks to achieve Practical Step #8

This Chart has been put together by the GCD&I Working Group following the Spotlight Session on Measuring Success of In-House DE&I Efforts and to support Practical Step 8: “Measure your success: ensure that assessment, measurement, and research regarding D&I guide your decisions”

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